Excalibur Exhibitions: UK Specialists in Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

Excalibur Exhibitions UK specialise in the design of bespoke exhibition stands and project management for purpose built, bespoke exhibition stands, primarily for the UK and European markets.

20 years of stand design experience working across a wide range of industries and venues enables Excalibur Exhibitions to provide exhibition stand design and build projects on a totally reliable turnkey basis.

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Project Management Specialists

We are fully committed to meeting tight deadlines, solving problems and achieving an end result that exceeds expectations.

As part of the project management process, we will liaise with nominated stand contractors, on site service providers, insuring that the stand design brief and specification are adhered to and costs are strictly controlled.

We will undertake the origination and submission of method statements, risk assessments and structural calculations for complex and double decker stands on your behalf.

Where you can Search for Exhibition Stand Design Inspiration

With regards to exhibition stand design and build, lots of individuals look to the experts to provide, coming up with engaging and unique booths as well as stands which draw customers and get hold of them enthusiastic about what they’ve to provide. With that said, the feedback of yours is usually needed for the original style stage, and it’s thus required to understand precisely what you would like – and everything you don’t want.

Even though a business which specializes in exhibition stand design and build will have the opportunity to provide you with assistance on the whole process and also you might find inspiration while searching through pictures from the portfolio of theirs, there continue to be a few outstanding suggestions for studying a bit more about the design that can most likely work the very best for you and the business of yours.


Among the best places to search for inspiration is actually at your competitors’ stands

These will provide you with a perception of what other individuals in the identical industry or maybe business are actually doing. This doesn’t mean copying the suggestions of theirs, though you’ll just get a clearer idea of what are able to work, and just how you are able to adapt particular winning principles to the own design of yours.

You are able to usually discover this info by going to convention fairs yourself and checking out the booths of various other individuals in the business of yours, or maybe you are able to go on the internet and search for photographs taken from earlier exhibitions that your rivals attended. If you attend the fairs yourself, this can supply you with even more info on the way engaging these stands are actually.

When you’ve gathered this info, you are going to be in a position to reflect upon what worked and what didn’t, as well as the way you are able to make yourself stick out from the competition. In case the stands of the competitors of yours had been extremely engaging, you are going to need to ensure yours are too when it comes round to the turn of yours to display at an event.

The succeeding place to appear is actually outside of the business of yours, especially at several of the award winning exhibition stands which businesses have invested in. This particular info may usually be discovered in trade reasonable publications and on the sites of award winning convention stand design and develop businesses. Usually, you are going to be in a position to get into details of effective capabilities of the stands along with pictures of them.

Once again, after collecting this info the next phase of yours is usually to analyse it

A lot of stands are going to win awards since they’re doing a thing particularly innovative or even have incorporated several leading edge capabilities in the design. It must remembered, nonetheless, that the stand of yours isn’t meant to be a work of art form – rather it’s about getting a high performing stand inside the budget of yours.

To make certain this you are going to need to think about what’s engaging or even thrilling about these award wining stands, such as the amazon listing optimization service stand of the FBA Copywriter. You will find out the way you are able to put it on to the very own event booths of yours. Looking at more outlandish as well as daring styles also can fire up the imagination of yours and enable you to think outside the box to think of an exciting and unique truly style.

Finally, be sure you ask your customized exhibition stand design and develop organization for the own advice of theirs tips on what’ll help you and the company of yours. Even though they’ll certainly provide the input of theirs throughout the design procedure, asking for initial suggestions prior to the whole procedure starts could be incredibly useful.

You are able to also request the views of all businesses before you settle on an exhibition design business to work with, as that may provide you an actually wider perspective. Anything you do, be sure you make an effort to find out what has worked in the past and just how you are able to incorporate these productive components in the own plans of yours.